June 26, 2017

Community Maps

  1. Department of Community and Family Medicine, Community Health Clinical Sites Map
    This map pinpoints all of the clinical sites that are affiliated with the Department of Community and Family Medicine. Use this map to see where various health resources are located around the Durham community.

  2. Area Neighborhood Map
    This map points out the neighborhoods that are a part of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, a program which focuses on improving quality of life in the 12 neighborhoods near campus and boosting students achievement in the 7 public schools that serve those neighborhoods. This map that shows the different neighborhoods that surround Duke's campus. This will also be a good map for learners participating in Project H.O.P.E.

  3. Department of Community and Family Medicine,Division of Community Health, Statewide Coverage Map
    This map shows where the Department of Community and Family Medicine's projects are located in various counties across North Carolina (specifically the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust S.E.L.F. Improvement Program and the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission Fit Together Initiative). This map is useful for Medical Students during their rotations as they connect and collaborate with existing programs and community projects for community health information and resource-sharing.

  4. Map of Durham Area
    This map shows the general city/ county area of Durham, North Carolina.

  5. Directions to Learning Together community project sites
    Click on the any of the locations below to recieve driving directions and a map through Mapquest.com.

    Burton Elementary
    1500 Mathison St
    Durham , NC 27701

    Calvary Ministries CommUNITY Scholars
    1313 Halley St
    Durham , NC 27717-1398

    Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park
    1313 Halley St
    Durham , NC 27701

    Crest Street Tutorial Project
    2508 Crest St
    Durham , NC 27701

    Division of Community Health, North Carolina Mutual Building
    411 W. Chapel Hill Street
    Durham , NC 27701

    Durham Hosiery Mills (Nutrition Site)
    804 Angier Ave
    Durham , NC 27701

    Durham School of the Arts
    400 N Duke St
    Durham , NC 27701

    E.K. Powe Elementary
    913 9th St
    Durham , NC 27705

    Eastway Elementary
    610 N Alston Ave
    Durham , NC 27701

    Glenn Elementary
    2415 E Geer Street
    Durham , NC 27704

    J.J. Henderson Towers (Duke Street Center)
    807 S Duke Street
    Durham , NC 27701

    Oak Grove Elementary
    3810 Wake Forest Rd
    Durham , NC 27703

    Oldham Towers (Memorial Center)
    519 E Main St
    Durham , NC 27701

    St. James Family Life Center
    1305 W Club Blvd
    Durham , NC 27705

    Watts Elementary
    700 Watts St
    Durham , NC 27701

    West End Community Center
    705 Kent St
    Durham , NC 27705

For more information on the Learning Together Program,
call us at (919) 681-8365.

Learning Together
Division of Community Health
DUMC 2914
Durham, NC 27710

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