June 26, 2017

Welcome to the Learning Together Program

The Learning Together Program provides opportunities for Learners to become involved in health-related projects in the community. All Duke Health Sciences learners, as well as learners from other academic disciplines, are welcome to participate.

This website is intended to serve as a learning community as well as be an invaluable learning tool. Through the Learning Together website, Learners can:

Requirements for becoming involved

There are two requirements for becoming involved with any Learning Together community-based project. These requirements can be completed in any order:
  1. Attendance at a Community Training Workshop, and completion of the complementary Community Training Module
    To view the dates and times of scheduled Community Training Workshops, click here.

  2. Successful completion of the on-line Community Health Training Module
    To link to the on-line version of the Community Health Training Module, click here.

Learning Together: A Reciprocal Experience

Learning Together is a community-based service opportunity program. As an institution, Duke values working with the community through a relationship that places the community's needs and interests first, and then involves learners for a reciprocal experience that benefits all. This is the framework within which we work to improve the health of the community.

  • Communities benefit from our program by receiving health-related services and resources they need and want through sustainable projects that learners implement and conduct.
  • Communities that participate are more likely to experience improved health status and benefits through the involvement of learners.
  • Learners across a wide range of health professions who participate in community-based experiences demonstrate changes in attitudes and beliefs about culturally diverse and medically underserved populations. They indicate a greater sense of self as a provider of health services and a member of the larger community.
  • Learners acquire an understanding about community needs, assets, resources, and social determinants of health. Further, it increases the learner’s understanding of working with diverse populations, working in interdisciplinary teams, and appreciating the socioeconomic issues impacting underserved populations.

For more information on the Learning Together Program,
call us at (919) 681-8365.

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